Create Products People Want to Buy

By taking the Product Research Framework™ course, you will learn how to make your big idea into a great product that people will want to buy! You will learn to accurately identify the gaps in the market and uncover the real desires of your Customers. You will prepare for the design process and position your product for success!

Product Research Framework™

Our Product Research Framework™ is a simple online process that helps clarify and refine your idea. It will help you communicate all of the relevant details with key stakeholders like designers, engineers, product developers, and factories. By using this process, you will significantly reduce false starts, wasted money, and project delays that are common to bringing a new product to market. This makes the process a lot more fun and helps you build a better product.

What We’ll Create Together

Josh Taylor is a product development expert and founder of Product Evolution. Together you will create a clear product description and goals that will bring total clarity and focus to your initial product idea. You’ll get clear on whom you want to build it for and how you’ll measure success.

Using the Product Research Framework™, you will:

  • Define your ideal users, what your users want, and what problems stand in the way of that now (User Research and Problem Definition).
  • Leverage seven proven product research templates that make defining the problems, markets, and goals as close to “FILL IN THE BLANK” as possible.
  • Understand and gain realistic expectations of the Design Process and its common pitfalls. Learn the real cost of making design changes at each step so you know the ideal time to make a change and, more importantly, when NOT to make a change.
  • Simplify to MAXIMIZE: We focus on the 20% of research and prep that delivers 80% of the results. The goal is to make this so simple and focused that you can complete it in less than a day. You will be more prepared than ever to start working with your Designers, Engineers, and Factory. 
  • Make the entire product development experience better by learning to refine concepts, define precise results, create objective tests, and prioritize product goals. No more wasting time or money on false starts or unnecessary changes! 

Once you complete the steps in the Product Success FrameworkTM, you will have a fully prepared product description (including goals) and a deeper understanding and realistic expectations of the Design Process. You will be ready to start working with your Designers, Engineers, and Factory so you don’t waste resources on false starts or wrong directions.

Sign up today. Let’s put your New Product on a fast track by working together to refine your big idea. Together, we will elevate your initial concept into a product the market is hungry for!

Who Should Take Advantage of this Course?

Entrepreneurs – You are working to build a business with great product ideas, but overwhelming time constraints make it challenging to focus on the right things. You need help understanding how to quickly assess the demands that already exist in your market, who your best buyers are, how they will use the product, and what improvements they are hungry for. The Product Research Framework™ will guide you through very straightforward and focussed steps to assess the desires of your market so you can build a product your customers already want to buy.

Product Managers – As a product manager, you are always under pressure to develop the right products at the right time. You need to know if you are building the products that the market truly wants and needs. However, if you are like most product managers, you probably don’t have the time and resources you need to assess product priorities based on in-depth market research.  That makes it hard to be sure that you are developing a winning product until it’s too late. Without a strategy to help you focus, you can be incredibly busy but go nowhere fast. The Product Research Framework™ is a focussed strategy that guides you through the critical problem you are trying to solve. It informs what specific questions to answer, what data to look at, and what product features best align with that strategy.

Designers & Engineers – It’s hard for clients to comprehend how difficult it is to move a brand new product through development for the first time. It’s even more difficult when your clients only have a basic idea of the design and manufacturing process. These clients are usually entirely unaware of the assumptions they have made about their product, which often leads to design changes late in the process. The Product Research Framework™ helps your clients understand the design process and quickly clarify their idea. It helps them create clear product goals and requirements based on guided questions, highly focussed market research, and customer feedback. They’ll have a detailed Product Description, Product Goals, and Product Requirements when they complete the process. These tools will help make informed decisions when they have to make tradeoffs between cost, schedule, and complexity. It will help you manage them to scope.

Course Basics

  • Instructor: Josh Taylor (Product Evolution CEO)
  • Lessons: 13
  • Length: 4-5 Hours
  • Access: Lifetime Access
Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor


Josh spent 5+ years leading the Product Development team at Mecca 11. Married. Three kids. Mountain biking junkie. Soccer coach. World traveller. Landlocked surfer.


  • Ideal Users Worksheet
  • Problem Destination Worksheet
  • User Stories Worksheet
  • Competitive Research Worksheet
  • Market Research Worksheet
  • Product Description Worksheet
  • Product Goals Worksheet

Course Curriculum

Part 1: The Design Process

Know and Leverage The Design Process to Create the Best Possible Products For Your Customers.

Most people think the Design Process is merely “design.” The reality is that traditional design is just one step of a more extensive eight-step Design Process. Not understanding the Design Process is one of the biggest reasons many products fail.  It may also be the top reason people get frustrated during the product development process. In Part 1 of the Product Research Framework™, you will learn what the design process is and, more importantly, how to use it to your advantage to build the absolute best product for your customers.

Part 1 Lesson Video:

  • The Design Process

Part 2: Research for the Best Market Fit

Learn Product Research Steps to Help You Avoid Disaster and Design Products You Know Your Market Will Love.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through a plan for quickly researching and understanding your ideal users, their pain points, and the internal problems those cause. You’ll be able to create user stories, complete competitor research, and learn a few simple hacks to get into the minds of consumers quickly. We’ll show you how to identify market size and demographic data for your ideal users. We’ll help you summarize your findings in a Product Description that you can share with designers, engineers, employers, and investors.

Part 2 Lesson Videos:

  • Introduction to Product Research
  • Your Big Idea
  • Define the Problem
  • User Stories
  • Competitor Research
  • Note About the Design Process
  • Market Research
  • Market Research – Facebook Hack
  • Product Description
  • Inspiration Board


Part 3: Product Goals

Define Clear Product Goals to Create The Best Possible Product For Your Customers And Reduce Delays, Rework, And Added Costs.

Discover and describe all requirements before “design” starts to avoid pain and the extra time and cost of unnecessary design revisions. You will go through the entire process of defining and creating clear product goals outlined in a Product Goals worksheet. This worksheet is critical to guiding your team through the design and product development process through Pilot Production and Quality Control.

Part 3 Lesson Videos:

  • Introduction to Product Goals
  • Product Goals Example