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Harvard Business Review reported that 95% of new products fail. That’s why we are here. We make it easier to bring your product to market by using our proven processes to help you plan for the unexpected, prepare better budgets and overcome sequencing problems that can lead to products never getting off the ground.

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Services We Offer


Industrial Design

Our role as a Design Agency is to help you develop the best possible concept of your product. Good Industrial Design can take your product from average to a huge success.

Product Development

With your product expertise and our knowledge of material usage and design, we sit down to perfect your product from start to finish.

Factory Sourcing

We carefully match the production needs of your specific project to their capabilities so we have the right fit.

Private Labeling

A quick and inexpensive way to add additional products to your product line, or to test new product concepts before investing into design, development and tooling to create your own custom version.


We will design and develop products for your brand to differentiate from the common products on the market.

Package Design

For many brands, packaging really is the key communicator of your brand essence.

Quality Control

We have developed quality control systems and documentation that are invaluable to assure that your products are being looked out for with your best interests in mind.


We will ship and import your goods from the manufacturer right to your warehouse door.

We Believe in Doing the Impossible

Our team of Project Managers in the United States and overseas have the knowledge and experience to successfully assist you in bringing your product to market. 

Product Research Framework Course


  • Learn the Nuances of the Design Process
  • Develop Product Research Skills to Design Products You Know Your Market Will Love
  • Define Clear Product Goals to Create the Best Possible Product for Your Customers
  • Wrap Up Projects Quicker and More Decisively

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Product Evo lends our knowledge of good product development and manufacturing processes to the passion and creativity of entrepreneurs in order to bring great products to market. Our goal is to free up growing companies and their teams to focus on what they love – Innovating new products and growing their brands.

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